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Project Results (PR)

Altogether, the project results aim to strengthen the role of caregivers as educators in Healthy Ageing and motivate them for promoting Healthy Ageing strategies in the elder community.


m-Learning App

In this PR, a mobile app for m-Learning will be developed for informal training of older adult educators. It aims to facilitate the construction of knowledge and develop caregivers' problem-solving skills in a flexible app that promotes self-learning. The app will be highly compatible and user-friendly.


Blended learning course

In this PR, an integrated blended training course will be developed to enhance the competences of caregivers (it will exploit the methodology of e-learning platform + flipped classroom + round table methodologies). Course duration is 32,5h + 25h additional hours of study to get prepared for the certification exam (3 ECTS)


White Digital Paper

A white paper will be developed in which will be included guidelines, forms/examples, resources/links, or practical tools/tips etc., from all partners countries that will be used as support or theoretical basis for educators to develop interventional programmes for older adults. The aim of the result is to collect and review the current recommendations on older people’s care to promote caregivers’ best practices allowing them to achieve optimal functional outcomes.