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As part of the EducAGE project, the workshop “Digital Tools to Support Informal Carers: Co-creating a digital fact-checking tool” took place today at the Senior University in Macedo de Cavaleiros.
This project aims to improve the skills of elderly carers, towards the implementation of Healthy Ageing strategies based on the digital transition of their training and daily lives.
everyday life. It also aims to implement a set of ICT materials and tools that can be used to improve carers’ skills.
During the workshop, the project platform was presented, giving access to an online course, a digital white paper and an App. Participants also split into groups to create an avatar for the development of a virtual verifier, which allows them to confirm the veracity of health information and combat misinformation.
The European project is led by the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda and its partners are the MORE Collaborative Laboratory, the Centre for Minimal Surgery Invasion in Spain, the Smmelweis Institute in Hungary, the University of Hadrec Králové and the Hradec Králové Faculty of Medicine in the Czech Republic.