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Multiplier event report Cuni

  1. Date: 25.3.2024
  2. Location: City office (Magistrát města Hradce Králové), Československé armády 408
    502 00 Hradec Králové
  3. Number of attendees: 13
  4. This multiplier event was held at city office where representatives of all different social and health local services and groups were invited (senior homes, nursing daily centers, senior interest groups, senior non governmental organisations,…)

In start of this multiplier event Ing. Eva Macourková (Cuni) and Dr. Tereza Otčenášková (UHK) briefly introduces participants to EducAGE project core idea, project website, members of project consortium and all project results.

After this introduction Digital White Paper was presented in full detail. We described all three modules of DWP and showed all themes in every of the modules. We concentrated on all froms of usage of information, collected in DWP.

After this an interactive section was included where attendees had possibility to try work with DWP themselves. At this section we collected very positive feedback on DWP – people (both from caregivers and seniors) found DWP easy manageable and quite interesting. Majority of information was new to them.

  1. To invite participants we used e-mails collected in the start of the project when disseminating first information about project via e-mail together with mailing list of city office social division. The event was disseminated on city hall bulletin board.
  2. no (but we will settled we will have separate article in citty hall newspaper in autumn 24)
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